Pistes-Solidaires is an association that develops its projects and actions according to UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education: learn to know, learn to be, learn to do, learn to live together and with the others. Our goal is to make possible that each young person may benefit from the unique experience of international educational mobility. Education goes hand in hand with openness to the world and an understanding of local / global interdependencies. 

Pistes-Solidaires bases its work on non-formal education methods, particularly those based on experiential learning. We create educational situations to develop social skills, to facilitate living together and to learn to be. Research and innovation are at the heart of this work area.

Contact Person 1Mathieu Decq, Director
E-mail: contact@pistes-solidaires.fr

Contact Person 2: Soha El Jammal, Project officer

E-mail: soha@pistes-solidaires.fr