We prepared for this event in collaboration with one of our project participants, Feryal Al Mukdad who took part in the project and did their internship in Pistes Solidaires. It was important for us to valorise her participation throughout the project and her involvement in it.

We started by a general presentation of the project and its results: the platform, the modules, the training course for TCN, the LMS workshops, and the job shadowing schemes.

Following that, we wanted to give the participants a real taste of our tools, so we divided them into subgroups and each group tested had some activities to do inspired from the TCN training.

Some of them did some activities related to intercultural competences, other worked on the preparation of job interviews, and other on the creation of CV and motivation letters. Once done in subgroups, we gathered all the participants, and they could share their experience together. To conclude the day, they had a discussion with Mrs Al Mukdad about her I-Welcome experience and future project.